Kampfverband 13 • Thema anzeigen - [GrpAdler] Breaking Contact [Mo, 15.04.2019, 20:00 Uhr CEST]

[GrpAdler] Breaking Contact [Mo, 15.04.2019, 20:00 Uhr CEST]

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[GrpAdler] Breaking Contact [Mo, 15.04.2019, 20:00 Uhr CEST]

BeitragMo 25. Feb 2019, 14:36

The Scenario
BLUFOR must prevent OPFOR from sending a signal for a total of X minutes. OPFOR will be detected while they are sending. They can switch the signal on and off, and move about as they please.

TFAR, ACE3, RHSAFRF and RHSUSF mods are required. RDS_CIV is optional (required for param "civilian traffic")

no respawn
no play area restrictions
no scopes
basic medical
fixed loadout
quick start
dynamic spawn position

Buy Menu (ACE interact on start vehicle)
Radio Truck and Radio Box Sending Modes
US Camo automatically chosen (hardcoded for every map) - Russians always use Flora currently
BIS Dynamic Groups (<u> key)
Mission is localized in English and German
US Spawn Distance
Deploy time to win
Time Acceleration
Ingame Replay Accuracy
JIP time
BFT toggle
Civilian Traffic Toggle (needs RDS_CIV!)

Supported Maps
Altis,Beketov,Bornholm,Bootcamp_ACR,Chernarus,Chernarus_Summer,dingor,FDF_Isle1_a,fallujah,Esseker,Gorgona,IsolaDiCapraia,Kunduz,lingor3,lythium,Malden,mbg_celle2,namalsk,prei_khmaoch_luong,ProvingGrounds_PMC,Panthera3,Sara_dbe1,Shapur_BAF,SugarLake,Stratis,Thirsk,Woodland_ACR,Zargabad,clafghan,fata,saru,takistan,Tanoa,taviana,vt5,xcam_prototype,pja305 To play on one of those islands, change the file name's terrain part ("Stratis") into one of the above these

Admin slot is Zeus to fight bugs
Russian Commander Slot is mandatory
It's highly recommended to use the predefined amount of money
For every player there is a little bonus in money
Russians might redeploy, the sum of deployed time counts for winning
Best played in a roughly 2:1 attacker defender ratio
You can eradicate the spawn cone with ace interact to hide your spawn position

Repo-Link: http://gruppe-adler.de/arma3sync/.a3s/autoconfig
Anleitung: https://www.gruppe-adler.de/wp-content/ ... 5_2018.pdf

"Melden macht frei und belastet den Vorgesetzten."

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